Mouth Ulcer Treatment

Bee propolis is a combination of the resins that bees collect from trees, along with beeswax. Over thousands of years, it has been known to carry great medicinal properties, for anything from colds and flu to a first aid cream. But we made headline news back in 2010 when, through our work in conjunction with The Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovations Bradford University, we discovered that it can also heal mouth ulcers.

Before our formula was devised in 2010, propolis was known to have an off-putting smell, making it difficult to use orally. But through our research and development, we've created a formula which eliminates that nasty smell, whilst still retaining the resin's natural healing properties. This allows you to enjoy the full benefits of this anti-fungal, anaesthetic mouth ulcer treatment.

While there are many mouth ulcer treatments on the market today, there are few that are sourced from such a natural ingredient and that are suitable for use amongst children. Our special mouth ulcer gel can even boost the immune system.

Mouth ulcers are irritating at best and at worse they can be painful. With our mouth ulcer treatments, you don't have to put up with them any longer. Let the bees take the sting out of your mouth ulcer; rub a small amount over the ulcer and it will soothe the area and begin to heal. And our mouth ulcer treatments are available in tasty mild mint flavours.

Mouth Ulcer Products

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Propolis B-Gel

A groundbreaking new product launched in 2010. A scientifically formulated product which utilises...... More »

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